Our Investment Process

Your unique needs and goals require a customized approach that considers your place in life today, market fundamentals, and where you’re headed in the future. The answer to these three important questions is what forms the foundation of our portfolio construction process.


Before we begin to build your portfolio; the first step is to look at your Personal Situation. We want to clarify your goals, understand your time horizon, and define what you hope to accomplish. 

The next step is to determine your risk tolerance. How sensitive are you to Economic Factors such as inflation, volatility, changing tax law, and interest rates?  In general, how do you feel about investing? Do you prefer a more conservative or aggressive approach – or somewhere in between?

The last major piece of the puzzle is to determine your Investment Objective. Determining which investment strategy is appropriate for your unique situation, personal philosophy, and market outlook combine to form the foundation for building your portfolio.

Finally, we work together to select an investment theme (or two) that best resonates with your needs. Here are a few of our most popular investment strategies: 

  • Alpha Focused – Aims to grow capital faster than the benchmark by maximize return potential in positive markets

  • Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) – Faith based investing that seeks positive returns while upholding your values

  • Capital Appreciation – Prioritizes long-term gains by primarily investing in high growth companies

  • Downside Risk Aware – Focuses on preserving assets and avoiding loss during volatile markets

  • Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) – Utilizes both traditional financial analysis and sustainable investing research solutions

  • Income Generation – Seeks to generate consistent income by emphasizing areas of the market with historically above average yields

  • Tax Conscious – Designed to minimize tax burdens that may affect net returns 


Let’s work together to build a portfolio that seeks strong financial performance AND aligns with your core values.


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