Before entering into a relationship with any financial planner, you should have a clear understanding of all fees and expenses. We are not afraid to talk about compensation. We want you to understand exactly what you are paying for and how. Everyone needs or wants a different type of relationship with a different mix of products and services, so we want to find the right structure for your unique situation. We encourage you to ask questions and see how all fees are determined. And of course, you are not obligated to proceed unless you are completely comfortable.

Client Centered

All investments come with some fees and expenses. Some levy sales charges and operating expenses, some are sold with commissions, and others charge a set percentage to alleviate transaction based charges. We do not have a preference and are happy to offer you a choice.

In addition, we also offer hourly consulting to either build you a comprehensive retirement plan using our wealth management software or to give you asset allocation and investment advice. This is a popular option for clients who are nearing retirement or for those who choose to manage their own portfolios but need guidance. Basic financial planning is complimentary.

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